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Cultivating Retirement Plan Opportunities

With over

750 thousand defined benefit plans with fewer than 100 participants, there's a huge opportunity 
for financial professionals to approach this market.

A Range of Qualified Plan Solutions!

Q3 has developed a plug and play solution for your retirement plan practice by partnering with the best in the industry. We add investment fiduciary services to client plans along with practice management tools to help streamline and grow your business. We allow advisors to outsource fiduciary duties, cut plan costs, and increase fee transparency, all while maintaining complete control over the client relationship. We have a range of services to support your 401(k) and 403(b) marketing efforts.
  • Manage Existing Participant Accounts without Moving Them
  • Understand Cash Balance - The Fastest Growing Qualified Retirement Plan
  • Win Your Next 401(k) Pitch with the Ultimate Plan Proposal
401k Eggs

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Bundled vs. Unbundled

85% of plans with fewer than 250 participants rely on a bundled service provider.* While larger plans tend to use an unbundled solution. Why is there a difference and which is the better option?

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