Welcome to Q3 Asset Management and thank you for taking the time to learn about our services. We offer a unique approach to wealth management that provides individuals and families, through their financial advisor, risk control techniques typically only available to institutional investors.

Removing Emotion

Q3 employs a non-emotional approach to investing. Our objective is not necessarily to outperform the market each year, but to construct portfolios that post consistent returns through both positive and negative environments. In our opinion, over the long-term clients should experience performance with less volatility than the broader market.

Cutting Edge Investment Strategies

Q3 is committed to offering investors, through their advisor, a unique blend of cutting edge investment strategies. Our staff is comprised of experts within the tactical investment arena with extensive experience in quantitative analysis, risk management and alternative investments. Q3 monitors both the markets and your accounts on a daily basis. We are focused on keeping you and your advisor apprised of what’s happening within your portfolio.

Independent and Objective

As an independent, fee-based investment advisor registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), we never charge you commissions for trades or benefit financially from multiple transactions. Nor is there ever a fee to begin or terminate your relationship with Q3. In fact your interests and ours are always aligned. Our compensation is based on a flat percentage of your account value. Please note that a Client's Primary Adviser that acts as a Solicitor on behalf of Q3 may receive sales compensation through investment products sold prior to the Client establishing a relationship with Q3.

Common Investment Mistakes

Many investors spend a lifetime building their retirement portfolio, only to see the assets wither away due to poor investment decisions. While there are many mistakes that investors can make, there are a handful that if avoided, increase one’s probability for success exponentially.

The vast majority of investors fail to remove emotion from the investment process. Emotions encourage investors to make impulse investment decisions at the most inopportune times. Removing emotion from the investment process enables one to focus on the facts.

Investing without first defining an exit-strategy is like setting sail without bringing a life preserver along. Astute investors plan for a worst case scenario and define methods as to how they will respond should such a scenario present itself. Before entering a position, document your plan.

Most investors believe that they have a solid understanding of diversification. Most only understand diversifying by asset classes. Diversifying across a wide assortment of asset classes does not necessarily prevent severe losses, as 2008 demonstrated. The key to true diversification lies not only in owning a range of different investment types but also incorporating a diverse blend of non-correlated investment strategies.