How do I get started?2014-11-07T11:07:13-04:00

Contact your financial advisor and ask them for an unbiased opinion of our services. If you don’t have an advisor, contact our office and we can refer one to you.

What types of accounts can Q3 manage?2015-02-12T12:36:15-04:00

Q3 manages a wide range of account types, including IRA’s, 401K’s, Variable Annuities as well as Non-Qualified accounts. If you have a question about a particular type of account you would like managed please contact our office.

Where is my money held?2018-04-17T07:31:18-04:00

Q3 does not custody client assets. All funds are held directly with regulated third-party custodians, including trust companies, mutual fund companies, and insurance companies. Accounts are always registered in the client's name and they always maintain complete ownership. Each quarter investors receive statements from the custodian and a quarterly commentary from Q3.

How do fees work?2015-02-12T12:41:29-04:00

Q3 is a fee-based investment advisor. This means that we do not charge commissions or benefit monetarily by the frequency of trades. Advisory fees vary depending upon the size of your portfolio and, depending on the custodian, are deducted on a quarterly basis after we have performed the service.

What makes Q3 different from other investment advisors?2018-04-17T07:31:18-04:00

Q3 is a private, independent firm. Being independent allows us the flexibility to manage assets free from influence. We are an “active” money-manager, offering our clientele a hands-on approach to money management. We work with investors and investment advisors across the country.

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