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Q3 Overview

The Q3 Overview is a client-friendly marketing piece designed to introduce managed account services to investors. Appropriate for almost any situation in which you need to present Q3's program to someone new. It is a nice compliment to any research report. Download the Flyer

Q3 Overview2018-05-30T10:14:49-04:00

Q3 Strategy Correlation Report

The Q3 Strategy Correlation Report allows investment professionals to review how closely correlated the various strategies are to the S&P 500 and to each other. At Q3, we believe in the concept of strategic diversification. Portfolios that combine several strategies often experience lower volatility and improved performance. How to Use the Chart: Correlation measures how [...]

Q3 Strategy Correlation Report2018-05-30T11:36:53-04:00

Cycle of Investor Emotions Chart

The Cycle of Investor Emotions Chart provides an example of how some investors react to the ups and downs of the market. Humans are emotional beings and decisions we make are often clouded by the feelings we have. Disciplined investing requires investors to follow an unemotional plan. By combining the cycle of investor emotions with [...]

Cycle of Investor Emotions Chart2018-04-17T07:31:18-04:00

Bull & Bear Chart

The Bull & Bear Chart illustrates the history of Bull and Bear Markets in the Dow Jones Industrial Average back to 1900. You'll notice that while the market tends to rise over the period, 72 percent of the time it is either falling or recovering to break even. Often this chart is presented showing the [...]

Bull & Bear Chart2018-04-17T07:31:18-04:00

Average Equity Allocation

This advanced financial charting tool allows advisors to look at basic price charts or plot complex technical indicators. The chart can be customized in many ways. To change the symbol, interval, chart style, or market indicators select the tools at the top. If you'd like to draw on the chart, open the Drawing Toolbar on the left. [...]

Average Equity Allocation2018-04-17T07:31:18-04:00
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