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Historically, retirement plan participants have been expected to manage their own accounts using the investment options offered in the company plan. However, according to a recent survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, 67% of plan participants would prefer to get guidance from a professional when selecting plan investments. Q3 has developed a solution to manage individual client accounts in a wide range of retirement plans.

Area Plans

StatePlan NameProvider
NationalACCENTURE LLPAlight (Hewitt) SDBA
NationalAdobe SystemsTD Ameritrade SDBA
NationalAdventists Health (AHRP)Alight (Hewitt) SDBA
NationalAir Products and Chemicals,Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalAlaska Airlines Co. (pilots)Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalAlcatel-LucentAlight (Hewitt) SDBA
NationalAlcoa Inc.Schwab PCRA
NationalAllianz of America CorporatAlight (Hewitt) SDBA
NationalAmazonFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalAmerica West Holdings CorFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalAmerican AirlinesFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalAmerican BAR AssociationTD Ameritrade SDBA SDBA
NationalAOL Inc.Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalAON CorporationAlight (Hewitt) SDBA
NationalApple, Inc.Schwab PCRA
NationalAsante HealthSchwab PCRA
NationalAT&TFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalAtlas AirFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalAvaya, Inc.Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalBAE Systems, Inc.Alight (Hewitt) SDBA
NationalBanner HealthFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalBaxter International, Inc.Schwab PCRA
NationalBB&TTD Ameritrade SDBA
NationalBlue Cross/Blue Shield (certFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalBooz Allen Hamilton, Inc.TD Ameritrade SDBA
NationalBrown & Brown InsuranceSchwab PCRA
NationalCadence Design Systems, Inc.JP Morgan / CISC
NationalCaterpillar, Inc.Alight (Hewitt) SDBA
NationalChevronFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalChick-Fil-AFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalCisco Systems, Inc.Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalCloroxTD Ameritrade SDBA
NationalConstellation BrandsTD Ameritrade SDBA
NationalContinental Airlines, Inc.Alight (Hewitt) SDBA or Schwab PCRA
NationalDanaher CorporationFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalDeere & CompanyFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalDelta Air Lines, Inc. (All Plans)Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalDevon Energy CorporationFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalDIRECTVTD Ameritrade SDBA
NationalDow ChemicalFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalDuke Energy CorporationFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalEastman Chemical CompanyFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalElectronic Arts (EA) SportsSchwab PCRA
NationalElectronic Data Systems, LLCSchwab PCRA
NationalEli Lilly and CompanyAlight (Hewitt) SDBA
NationalEnergy Future Holdings CorFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalEngility CorpTD Ameritrade SDBA
NationalExpedia, Inc.Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalFair IsaacFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalFluor CorporationAlight (Hewitt) SDBA
NationalFortive CorporationFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalFrontier CommunicationsFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalFujitsu Management ServicFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalFujitsu Management ServiceFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalGeneral DynamicsFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalGeneral Mills, Inc.Alight (Hewitt) SDBA
NationalGeorgia-PacificAlight (Hewitt) SDBA
NationalGoodrich CorporationFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalGoogle Inc.TD Ameritrade SDBA
NationalGrady Memorial Hospital (4Schwab PCRA
NationalGrouponFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalH&R Block, Inc.Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalHarley-DavidsonFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalHarris Corp.Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalHewlett-Packard CompanyFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalHilton HotelsSchwab PCRA
NationalHome DepotSchwab PCRA
NationalHumana, Inc.Schwab PCRA
NationalIngersol-RandFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalIngram MicroFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalInternational Paper CompanyEmpower Brokerage Services
NationalIntuit, Inc.Schwab PCRA
NationalJetBlueSchwab PCRA
NationalKimberly-Clark CorporationAlight (Hewitt) SDBA
NationalKinder MorganEmpower Brokerage Services
NationalKoch Industries Inc.Alight (Hewitt) SDBA
NationalKodakSchwab PCRA
NationalLam ResearchFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalLegacy Health ServiceTD Ameritrade SDBA
NationalLimited Brands, Inc.Alight (Hewitt) SDBA
NationalLinkedIn CorporationFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalLockheed Martin CorporatioTD Ameritrade SDBA
NationalLumen Technologies (CenturyLink)/Qwest CommunicationsInternational Inc.Schwab PCRA
NationalMarathon Petroleum CompFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalMastercardTD Ameritrade SDBA
NationalMayo ClinicFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalMcKesson CorporationFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalMedAmerica, Inc.Schwab PCRA
NationalMednaxFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalMedtronicFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalMerckFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalMicron TechnologiesFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalNationwide Mutual InsuranceFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalNCRFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalNestle USA, Inc.TD Ameritrade SDBA
NationalNetflix, Inc.Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalNewell- RubbermaidFidelity BrokeageLink
NationalNikeFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalNOKIA, INC.Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalNortheast Utilities ServiceFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalNorthrop Grumman CorporFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalNucor CorporationFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalNuStar GP, LLCSchwab PCRA
NationalNVIDIAFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalOffice DepotFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalOldcastle Materials, Inc.Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalOracle CorporationFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalOrbitalATKFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalPayPal, Inc.Schwab PCRA
NationalPiedmont Hospital (401k)Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalQualcomm 401kFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalQVC, Inc.Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalRBC USA Holding CorporationFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalReed Elsevier, Inc.Empower Brokerage Services
NationalReynolds American, Inc.Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalRoche & Genentech, Inc.Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalRural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA - most co-ops)TD Ameritrade SDBA
NationalSanminaFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalSanofi U.S. Inc.Schwab PCRA
NationalSAP AmericaTD Ameritrade SDBA
NationalSchlumberger Technology CoAlight (Hewitt) SDBA
NationalSears, Roebuck and Co.Alight (Hewitt) SDBA
NationalShell Oil CompanyFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalSiemens CorporationAlight (Hewitt) SDBA
NationalSmiths Group Services CorpFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalSouthwest Airlines Co. (Pilots)Schwab PCRA
NationalSpirit Airlines (Pilots only)Schwab PCRA
NationalSprint Nextel CorporationFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalSRA International, Inc.Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalState Street CorporationFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalTaylor MadeSchwab PCRA
NationalTeledyne Technologies Inc.Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalTenet Healthcare CorporationFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalTeradyne, Inc. & SubsidiarieFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalTexas Instruments IncorporatedFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalThe American National Red CrossAlight (Hewitt) SDBA
NationalThe Charles Schwab CorporationSchwab PCRA
NationalThe Goodyear Tired & RubberSchwab PCRA
NationalThe Interpublic Group of CoEmpower Brokerage Services
NationalThe McGraw-Hill CompaniesAlight (Hewitt) SDBA
NationalThe Permanente Medical GroupFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalThe Permanente NorthwestFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalThe Progressive Corporation and Participating SubsidiariesFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalThe Travelers Companies, Inc.Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalThe Williams Companies, Inc.Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalTime Warner Cable, Inc.Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalTime Warner, Inc.Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalUnilever United States, Inc.Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalUnited Air Lines, Inc. (all non-pilots)Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalUnited Air Lines, Inc. (Pilots)Schwab PCRA
NationalUnited Healthcare GroupFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalUnited Launch AllianceTD Ameritrade SDBA
NationalUPS (most plans)TD Ameritrade SDBA / Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalUS Airways, Inc.Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalVisa Inc.Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalVMWareFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalWhole Foods MarketFidelity BrokerageLink
NationalWorkday, Inc.Fidelity BrokerageLink
NationalXilinxSchwab PCRA
  • The list above only reflects large regional plans, contact us if you would like us to manage a plan not shown.
  • Plan rules are subject to change, please contact us to confirm that a listed plan can still be managed.
  • In addition to the list above most Public School 403b accounts in the United States can be managed.

Some companies have a national presence. Click the link below to view plans that exist in many regions of the country.

View National Plans

Getting Started

Retirement Plan Management Made Easy

One of the highlights of this opportunity is that virtually any working client might be a prospect. You don’t even have to talk to the plan sponsor, since the assets remain in the plan and the participants sign up for the service direct. Simply ask existing clients & prospects if they would like you to review their retirement account.

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