Plan NameStateProviderFee Liquidate? (Y/N)Employer Sign OffPlan NumberPlatform Form
Airport Community SchoolMIFidelityyesno57957Fidelity Brokerage Link
Allen Park Public SchoolMIFidelityyesno58960Fidelity Brokerage Link
Anchor Bay School DistrictMIFidelityyesno55143Fidelity Brokerage Link
Andrews UniversityMIFidelityyesno62857Fidelity Brokerage Link
Ann Arbor Public SchoolMIFidelityyesno08291Fidelity Brokerage Link
Armada School DistrictMIFidelityyesno73395Fidelity Brokerage Link
Avondale High School in Auburn HillsMIFidelityyesno72397Fidelity Brokerage Link
Bad Ax School DistrictMIFidelityyes?Fidelity Brokerage Link
Bedford Public SchoolMIFidelityyesno50637Fidelity Brokerage Link
Birmingham Public SchoolsMIFidelityyesno54245Fidelity Brokerage Link
Bloomfield Hills Public SchoolsMIFidelityyesno63348Fidelity Brokerage Link
Bon Secours HospitalMIFidelityyesno55665Fidelity Brokerage Link
Bronson HospitalMIFidelityyesno52708Fidelity Brokerage Link
Calvary Baptist ChurchMIFidelityyesno66907Fidelity Brokerage Link
Calvin CollegeMIFidelityyesno83619Fidelity Brokerage Link
Central Michigan UniversityMIFidelityyesno89704Fidelity Brokerage Link
Chippewa Valley School SystemMIFidelityyesno54320, 68261Fidelity Brokerage Link
Clarenceville Public SchoolMIFidelityyesno65998Fidelity Brokerage Link
Clinton Community SchoolsMIFidelityyesno72130Fidelity Brokerage Link
Concordia UniversityMIFidelityyesno61463Fidelity Brokerage Link
Crestwood Public SchoolsMIFidelityyesno83111Fidelity Brokerage Link
Crittenton HospitalMIFidelityyesno51767Fidelity Brokerage Link
Dearborn Heights SchoolsMIFidelityyesno51690Fidelity Brokerage Link
Dearborn Public SchoolsMIFidelityyesno51150Fidelity Brokerage Link
Dearborn Public SchoolsMIFidelityyesno08291Fidelity Brokerage Link
Delta CollegeMIFidelityyesno62293Fidelity Brokerage Link
Detroit Medical Center InstttutionMIFidelityyesno89858Fidelity Brokerage Link
Dexter Community SchoolsMIFidelityyesno64326Fidelity Brokerage Link
East Lansing Public SchoolsMIFidelityyesyes56146Fidelity Brokerage Link
Farmington Hills Public SchoolsMIFidelityyesno62134Fidelity Brokerage Link
Fedex Pilots PlanMIFidelityyesnoFidelity Brokerage Link
Fennville Public SchoolsMIFidelityyesno73650Fidelity Brokerage Link
Fenton Area School DistrictMiFidelityyesno72918Fidelity Brokerage Link
Ferndale Public SchoolMIFidelityyesno54138Fidelity Brokerage Link
Flushing SchoolsMIFidelityyesno52243Fidelity Brokerage Link
Foote Memorial HospitalMIFidelityyesno56835Fidelity Brokerage Link
Forest Hills School DistrictMIFidelityyesno55249Fidelity Brokerage Link
Fraser Public SchoolMIFidelityyesno52300Fidelity Brokerage Link
Grand Blanc Community SchoolMIFidelityyesno52663Fidelity Brokerage Link
Grand Rapids Commnity CollegeMIFidelityyesno66434Fidelity Brokerage Link
Grand Rapids Public SchoolsMIFidelityyesno50693Fidelity Brokerage Link
Grand Valley State University Grand RapidsMIFidelityyesno50094, 72992Fidelity Brokerage Link
Grosse Pointe School DistrictMIFidelityyesno56504, 69446Fidelity Brokerage Link
Hartland Consolidated SchoolsMIFidelityyesno59013Fidelity Brokerage Link
Haslett Public ShoolMIFidelityyesno95811Fidelity Brokerage Link
Hasting Area SchoolMIFidelityyesno55565Fidelity Brokerage Link
Henry Ford Community CollegeMIFidelityyesno73957, 72931Fidelity Brokerage Link
Hillsdale College, Hillsdale MIMIFidelityyesyes54867Fidelity Brokerage Link
Holland Public School DistrictMIFidelityyesno83138Fidelity Brokerage Link
Holland School DistrictMIFidelityyesno61817Fidelity Brokerage Link
Holt Public SchoolMIFidelityyesno69189Fidelity Brokerage Link
Hope CollegeMIFidelityyesno83146Fidelity Brokerage Link
Ingham School DistrictMIFidelityyesno89457Fidelity Brokerage Link
Jackson Community CollegeMIFidelityyesno55897Fidelity Brokerage Link
Jackson Public SchoolMIFidelityyesno55058Fidelity Brokerage Link
Kalamazoo Public SchoolsMIFidelityyesno60162Fidelity Brokerage Link
Lake Fenton Community SchoolMIFidelityyesno501128Fidelity Brokerage Link
Lake Orion SchoolsMIFidelityyesno69112Fidelity Brokerage Link
Lakeville Community SchoolMIFidelityyesno72465Fidelity Brokerage Link
Lanse Cruese School DistrictMIFidelityyesno52827Fidelity Brokerage Link
Lansing School DistrictMIFidelityyesno56986Fidelity Brokerage Link
Livonia Public SchoolsMIFidelityyesno55143Fidelity Brokerage Link
Macomb Comm. CollegeMIFidelityyesno50939Fidelity Brokerage Link
McLaren Regional Medical CtrMIFidelityyesno64337Fidelity Brokerage Link
Mercy Hospital (Trinity Health)MIFidelitynono58124Fidelity Brokerage Link
Metro Health HospitalMIFidelityyesyes51745Fidelity Brokerage Link
Michigan Public Health InstituteMIFidelityyesyes66131Fidelity Brokerage Link
Michigan State UniversityMIFidelityyesno82001, 69047, 95378Fidelity Brokerage Link
Mid Michigan Regional Health SystemMIFidelityyesno67644Fidelity Brokerage Link
Mott Community CollegeMIFidelityyes?Fidelity Brokerage Link
Mt. Clemens General HospitalMIFidelityno?Fidelity Brokerage Link
Northern Michigan Community CollegeMIFidelityyesno57346Fidelity Brokerage Link
Northern Michigan UniversityMIFidelityyesno58179Fidelity Brokerage Link
Northville Community SchoolMIFidelityyesno52588Fidelity Brokerage Link
Novi Community School DistrictMIFidelityyesno69513Fidelity Brokerage Link
Oakland Community CollegeMIFidelityyesno52305Fidelity Brokerage Link
Oakwood Health Care System (Oakwood Hospital)MIFidelitynono61336Fidelity Brokerage Link
Okemos Public SchoolsMIFidelityyesno50178Fidelity Brokerage Link
Oxford Community SchoolMIFidelityyesno59563Fidelity Brokerage Link
Pennock Hospital( Mercy Health Partners Pennock HospitalMIFidelityyesno yes59580, 57860, 57859Fidelity Brokerage Link
Plymouth/Canton Community SchoolsMIFidelityyesno00151Fidelity Brokerage Link
Providence HospitalMIFidelityyesno86823Fidelity Brokerage Link
Rochester CollegeMIFidelityyesno95882Fidelity Brokerage Link
Rochester Hills Community SchoolsMIFidelityyesno64801Fidelity Brokerage Link
Rockford School DistrictMIFidelityyesno59194Fidelity Brokerage Link
Romeo Public SchoolMIFidelityyesno60116Fidelity Brokerage Link
Royal Oak School District SuperintendentMIFidelityyesno82199Fidelity Brokerage Link
Saginaw Public SchoolsMIFidelityyesno66838Fidelity Brokerage Link
Saginaw Valley State UniversityMIFidelityyesno66838Fidelity Brokerage Link
Schoolcraft Community CollegeMIFidelityyesno55994Fidelity Brokerage Link
Southfield Public SchoolsMIFidelityyesno56122Fidelity Brokerage Link
Sparrow HospitalMIFidelityyesno87167Fidelity Brokerage Link
Spectrum Health Grand Rapids HospitalMIFidelityyesno72570Fidelity Brokerage Link
St. John Hospital Medical CenterMIFidelityyesno69532Fidelity Brokerage Link
St. Mary Hospital (in Livonia)MIFidelityyesno64798Fidelity Brokerage Link
Swartz Creeks Community School DistrictMIFidelityyesno60392Fidelity Brokerage Link
Tecumseh Public SchoolMIFidelityyesno54608Fidelity Brokerage Link
Troy Schools DistrictMIFidelityyesno60883Fidelity Brokerage Link
University of MichiganMIFidelityyesno72104, 72103, 86503, 66806Fidelity Brokerage Link
Walled Lake School DistrictMIFidelityyesno59811Fidelity Brokerage Link
Walsh CollegeMIFidelityyesyes83165Fidelity Brokerage Link
Warren Woods Public SchoolsMIFidelityyesno56474Fidelity Brokerage Link
Washington State UniversityMIFidelitynono65524, 51906Fidelity Brokerage Link
Waverly Community School DistrictMIFidelityyesno54425Fidelity Brokerage Link
Wayne State U PhysiciansMIFidelitynono88904, 88905Fidelity Brokerage Link
Wayne State UniversityMIFidelityyesno52864, 84976Fidelity Brokerage Link
West Bloomfield School DistrictMIFidelityyesno59830Fidelity Brokerage Link
Western Michigan UniversityMIFidelityyesno55686Fidelity Brokerage Link
Western University of MedicineMIFidelityyesno61199Fidelity Brokerage Link
William Davidson Institute at University of MichiganMIFidelityyesnaFidelity Brokerage Link
Winthrop CollegeMIFidelityyes?Fidelity Brokerage Link
Zeeland Public School DistrictMIFidelityyesno69149Fidelity Brokerage Link

State of Michigan Retirement Plan


Providing Active Risk Management for Employees of the State of Michigan

Q3  and our Representatives are proud to work side by side with the State of Michigan employees. Our investment strategies are designed to react to changing market environments. We seek to participate in rising markets and reduce risk during unfavorable market conditions. Our experience has taught us that active investment management is increasingly important in delivering a real investment advantage.

State of Michigan Plan Details:

  • State of Michigan Deferred Compensation State Employees 401(k) plan: #717STE

  • State of Michigan Public Schools Pensionplus 401(k) plan: #717PSQ

  • State of Michigan Educational Achievement Authority 401(k): #717EDA

  • State of Michigan Deferred Compensation State Employees 457 plan: #717SEM

  • State of Michigan Public Schools Pension Plus 457 Plan: #717PSX

  • State of Michigan Educational Achievement Authority 457 Plan: #717EAA

  • Self-Directed Brokerage Account: Yes

Advice You Can Trust


In the Fall of 1982, Bradford Giamo began his career on the trading floor of the New York Commodities Exchange where he would spend the next 16 years refining his approach toward risk management. He and the team at Q3 have been helping investors navigate uncertain markets since 2006. Q3's services are available through a select group of investment professionals located across the country.

What's Your Exit Strategy?

As investors approach retirement, many can't afford to sustain a major loss at the hands of a bear market. At Q3, we believe that avoiding large losses is paramount in achieving long term growth. There are times where it may be prudent to reduce risk within your portfolio. For investors that don't have the time, desire, or expertise to manage their retirement assets effectively, Q3 is here to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Some retirement plans offer a feature referred to as a Self-Directed Brokerage Account (SDBA). The problem is that not many participants really understand what it is or why they might want to use this feature. The SDBA allows participants to make investments outside of their regular plan window. So rather than being limited to a smaller number of options offered within the plan, a self-directed brokerage account often includes many more investments, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs.

If you’re interested in adding the self-directed brokerage option, you will be required to fill out an application. In many cases this can be done online. Once established, you’ll be able to move all or a portion of your retirement accounts assets into the SDBA.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation with one of our experts, you’re welcome to email ( or call us (248-566-1122 x 113) and we can set up a time to introduce you to both Q3 and one of our Representatives. In addition to providing an overview in person, we welcome the opportunity to discuss our services with you via webinar.

If you’d like more information on our services prior to setting up a consultation, simply email us ( with the following information: Name / Employer / Your Location.

Q3 is a fee-based investment Advisor. This means that we do not charge commissions or benefit monetarily by the frequency of trades. Advisory fees vary depending upon the size of your portfolio and, depending on the custodian, are deducted on a quarterly basis after we have performed the service. You are free to terminate our service at any time.